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Welcome to Young Israel of Tampa

Young Israel of Tampa is a Synagogue welcoming all Jews, from the most observant to those just returning to their heritage. Led by Rabbi Uriel & Mrs. Dvorki Rivkin as well as Rabbi Asher & Mrs. Miriam Ehrenpreis, we offer an array of services, classes, outreach, and observances for young and old alike all over the Tampa area. The Shul is near USF (University of South Florida) and we have overnight accommodations available for Shabbos and Yom Tov visitors.  Young Israel of Tampa is the perfect place to experience the warmth and joy of Torah Judaism.

We’re The Local Source for all Your Jewish Needs.

All Jewish services are available for you, from a simple thing as a Mezuzah check, to life¬†event celebrations such as a newborn in the family, we’re here for you at any time ¬†and happy to serve and provide help as needed.

Be Our Guest!

Spend one special Shabbat with us, we are infused with a family atmosphere, dedicated to Ahavat Yisrael (love of your neighbor), bound by our dedication to spiritual growth, supported by one another, and devoted to the future of the Jewish people.  Tampa Florida has become the destination for young couples and families looking to settle down and raise their families in an affordable, convenient and warm community.

For more information please contact Rabbi Rivkin at: 813-832-3018 or Rabbi Ehrenpreis at: 773-640-3743 or by email at: or


Tisha B’av Schedule
Join us this Saturday night
 Evening Services 9:15pm
Sunday Morning Services 9:00am
Evening Services 6:30pm
Join our Shabbat Services & Meals Friday Services -8:15 PM, Dinner - 8:45 PM *
Join us 9:30 AM Saturday for Shabbat Services, Torah Reading at 11:00 AM followed by Kiddush luncheon at12:30 PM Mincha 8:00pm Havdala 9:00pm
Join our regular weekday services!
Sunday - Shacharit 9:00am
M-F 7:00am
Evening Services S-F 8:00pm
Summer Yeshiva Student Visit
Are you interested in reading Talmud stories, want to try and learn some Rashi, need help with a report on the old biblical wicked King Ahab?

The Yeshiva Students are available (much of the time) to get together, once or ongoing to read, shmooze, learn and discuss anything related to Judaism, Torah or your own stuff. We have ongoing regular (and irregular) study-times with students on a wide variety of topics. Let’s get together and make your own – and see if we can work out a good time…

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