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Welcome to Young Israel of Tampa

Young Israel of Tampa is a Synagogue welcoming all Jews, from the most observant to those just returning to their heritage. Led by Rabbi Uriel Rivkin and Rebbetzin Dvorki Rivkin we offer an array of services, classes, outreach, and observances for young and old alike all over the Tampa area. The Shul is near USF (University of South Florida) and we have overnight accommodations available for Shabbos and Yom Tov visitors.  Young Israel of Tampa is the perfect place to experience the warmth and joy of Torah Judaism.

We’re The Local Source for all Your Jewish Needs.

All Jewish services are available for you, from a simple thing as a mezuzzah check, to life event celebrations such as a newborn in the family, we’re here for you at any time  and happy to serve and provide help as needed.

Be Our Guest!

Spend one special Shabbat with us, we are infused with a family atmosphere, dedicated to Ahavat Yisrael (love of your neighbor), bound by our dedication to spiritual growth, supported by one another, and devoted to the future of the Jewish people.  Tampa Florida has become the destination for young couples and families looking to settle down and raise their families in an affordable, convenient and warm community.

For more information please contact Rabbi Rivkin at: 813-832-3018
or by email at: rabbirivkin@youngisraeloftampa.orgPassover_Services_Schedule

Erev Pesach Monday, April 14 

Morning Prayers 10:00am

Siyum for the Fast of the Firstborn 10:30am

Fire for the Burning of the Chometz 11:00am

Latest time for eating Chometz 11:21am The burning/disposal and annulment of Chometz no later than 12:25pm Candle Lighting – 7:36pm Services  - 7:45pm First Seder – 8:30pm – RSVP 813-832-3018


Tuesday, April 15 – First Day of Passover Morning Services – 10:30am

Kiddush 1:00pm

Services 7:30pm Candle Lighting after 8:30pm Second Seder – 8:45pm - RSVP 813-832-3018

Wednesday, April 16 – Second Day of Passover Services – 10:30am

Kiddush 1:00pm

Services 7:30pm

Are you a Kohen? Would you like to help our Shul get the priestly blessings? We have no other Kohen!

Please join us Tuesday, April 15 – First Day of Passover or Wednesday, April 16 – Second Day of Passover for 15 minutes 12:30pm – 12:45pm

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