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Purim – Reading of the Megillah

On every Purim, Jews gather to hear the reading of the Megillat Esther, the biblical Book of Esther. For us it is a joyous holiday full of sharing good food, acts of charity, fun, and song. This film shows a few short sections of Rabbi Uriel Rivkin’s reading (which really means singing in the traditional melody) the whole Megillah. This takes about a half an hour to do in total. The clips show three distinct customs of this reading. The first is the best known, the drowning out of the “Hamen,” the name of the story’s principal villain. We also see the custom of reciting all ten of Haman’s sons on only one breath. Also, we see the lifting of the hand written scroll when the end of the text refers to its writing.

A big Yasher Koiach to Rabbi Rivkin who sang the Megillah after having lained the Torah and led Shabbos Musaf earlier in the day. Being a Rabbi is a full time job!


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