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Siddur Tehillat Hashem

The Siddur we use is Tehillat Hashem and we Daven in Nusach Chabad al pi Ha-Ari Zal. Transliterated Siddurim are available in both English and Russian characters. Tehillat Hashem is in both Hebrew and English with helpful instructions making it easy to keep track of the service.

Siddur we use is Tehillat HashemWe also have Artscroll siddurim in nusach Sefard and nusach Ashkenaz which are available as needed. It is our custom to let the chazan lead in his own Nusach. While Davening is most often in the Chabad manner, Sephardi or Ashekenazi chazanim are welcomed.

We use a variety of melodies in prayer including Traditional European, American, Israeli, and Sephardi. Above are MP3s of some of the most popular melodies as performed by Zalman Goldstien and Chaim Fogelman.


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